Sealing technology that demonstrates a very high level of reliability, safety and maximum cost-effectiveness

“If you set the small things straight, the big things will fall into place.” – Umar A K Balwa, Managing Director at Sealmatic India

With the advancement in technology, safety measures have grown manifold and such measures have become a prerequisite even before the foundation stone of a project is laid. Today, we are going to talk about one such safety measure – mechanical seals. Mechanical seal has proved its worth in various core sectors. The mechanical seal market has been predominantly dominated by international players over the last five decades. The technology employed in the manufacture of mechanical seals requires high precision designing and production, which was not available in the nascent stages of Indian industry. 

Over the years, the capabilities of the Indian industry improved dramatically and paved way for the induction of state-of-the-art technology in all the industrial fields, viz oil & gas, refinery, power, petrochemical, chemical, pharmaceutical, fertilizer, pulp & paper, shipping, aerospace etc, thus creating huge demand for high precision mechanical seals. Mechanical seals are designed to prevent leakage of exotic and hazardous media into the environment. Consequently, increasingly stricter legislations made it mandatory for the industrial plants to employ mechanical seals for all their rotary equipment. 

Way back in the early 1980s, the size of the global mechanical seal market was merely USD 300 Million and today the same has grown exponentially to USD 3.5 Billion. This in itself is enough to prove how much importance the mechanical seal market holds in the international arena. What’s wonderful is that a Mumbai-based company “Sealmatic India” is leading the mechanical seal market. The firm is known for its reliability, application know-how and quick after sales & service. The mechanical seal industry is highly competitive technically. It demands a proven track record before one serves a customer’s application; hence knowing how to design a mechanical seal for a particular application is of paramount importance. 

Tailor-made to suit the individual requirements of the customers

This is exactly what makes Sealmatic India special on account of its proven track record of decades. Every mechanical seal produced is tailor made to suit the individual requirements of the customers. “We are geared up and in fact the only domestic company which has invested huge amounts in R & D, Designing, Quality Control & Production. We have a dedicated team of 26 engineers who are employed for the sole purpose of designing individual solutions for customers globally”, asserts Umar A K Balwa, Managing Director of Sealmatic India. 

It is the only Indian company which has the distinction of API Q1, ATEX & EU FDA certification for mechanical seals. Furthermore, as a domestic mechanical seal company, it is the only one that employs FEA & CFD for hardcore design and development of mechanical seals. The company holds more than 30 years of experience, which helps customers in getting the benefit from the enormous data that is brought to the table in terms of application know-how, troubleshooting and failure analysis. Sealmatic exports a wide range of mechanical seals to more than 45 nations and is as well accepted as the big names of the industry. Domestically it is second to none in its offerings. 

Sealmatic provides a comprehensive package to its customers globally, right from the selection of mechanical seals to the installation and training of the personnel at the end user premises. Due to the knowledge and application-based solutions it provides for critical equipment, it is the preferred vendor for various projects globally in the core industrial sector. The Mechanical seal industry is highly competitive. It requires huge amount of time, money and energy to reach a certain level. When we started out, we consciously made efforts to set up a plant to match international standards and specifications, not only in terms of employing hardware and software, but also by implementing very high international standards and a highly trained team – asserts Umar A K Balwa, Managing Director of Sealmatic India. 

 Respected globally as a high-quality mechanical seal company

Sealmatic has more than 100 visits from international customers to its premises and all of them have simply defined it as a – “state of the art international facility.” When compared with other domestic players, it has marched miles ahead of the domestic competition. 

It has got all the certifications in place which no other domestic manufacturer has, viz: API Q1, ATEX, FDA etc. Also, considering R & D, it has invested in state-of-the-art test rigs meeting API 682 standards. It has built in capabilities of FEA & CFD, unlike any other company in India in this field. It has tools such as MSD (Mechanical Seal Dictionary), SSG (Seal Selection Guide), AKH (Application Know How) and many others which have catapulted Sealmatic to the big league of international players. It is perceived and respected globally as a high-quality mechanical seal company.

The business of mechanical seals entails application know-how, which comes through years of varied experiences in this technically competitive industry. It has devoted over 32 years in this high-octane business, which requires out of the box thinking in order to provide solutions for very difficult and complex sealing applications. Its specialty lies in designing and providing heavy duty mechanical seals for pumps, compressors, agitators and other rotary equipment. Applications have been designed over the years and developed as niche products to meet the above demanding applications. 

Employing the best of the technology & raw materials

Mechanical seals are not only difficult to design and produce but it is equally challenging to install a suitable mechanical seal in the rotary equipment with such applications. This has been achieved from the rich data bank that it has assimilated in the last 32 years. Moreover, it employs the best of raw materials, which are imported from Germany, the USA and the UK. “Our journey in this business started in 1989 as a small enterprise with 200 sq m of premises and a handful of 8 employees. Today we are housed in one of the most modern manufacturing facilities in India and can be ranked as a global player”, says Mr Balwa proudly. 

It is a business that is critical to every industry. A mechanical seal is a vital component of rotary equipment. It employs our personal philosophy-if you set the small things straight, the big things will fall into place. The future of Sealmatic is to be in the forefront of the mechanical seal industry in the global arena. It aims to be physically present with its sales and service centres in every continent. It wants to be the preferred choice when it comes to mechanical seals with various customers globally. 

It is continuously investing into highly trained manpower, the best of software and hardware and also imbibing the latest technology available to improve its designs and processes. In short, it is investing in the future. Sealing technology from Sealmatic demonstrates a very high level of reliability, safety and maximum cost-effectiveness. Its outstanding reputation for designing and engineering customized solutions is globally recognized. 

This is why “Once A SealMan Always A SealMan”. 

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