5 business lessons from scam 1992

If you are a web series lover, you would have watched the story of scam 1992, the most viewed web series of 2020 with the 9.6 IMDb ratings. Apart from being entertaining and informative, the web series is famous for its inherent business lessons. In this blog, we’ll help you know 5 business lessons from scam 1992.

5 business lessons from Scam 1992

  1. Market saturation: Market saturation is normal, sometimes due to political issues, natural disasters, and many more things but don’t let them saturate your mind because once your mind is saturated no one can save you. Any kind of market saturation can be defeated by our minds. But once your mind is saturated you can’t defeat anyone in your life.
  2. Ability of vision: Harshad lived a life that 1000 of us want to live, even so, Harshad started his journey like a typical middle-class man does. Mehta dreamed about becoming rich and took it seriously and started making money from the stock market. Harshad really worked hard for making his dreams come true. And he achieved his dreams backed up with plans to execute them. Your vision shows you the right direction of your life if you consider them for your perfect future.
  3. Value your work, your designation doesn’t matter: Harshad became one of the best jobbers of Dalal Street in just a few months. People will only remember you or call you a legend when you value your work and from that if you create history. You have to be extraordinary in your work to create history.
  4. Start on your own: Doing something on your own is risky and maybe you’ll lose everything in this process. When Harshad started his business at his own risk he lost his ten lakh in just a few minutes. But here is something to remember – not taking risks in business is also a kind of risk.
  5. When opportunities don’t knock, you build a door: In the middle of a crisis, Harshad started researching about Growmore and asset management companies because he had some specific knowledge about the stock market. If you’re going through a bad time because of this epidemic, then remember one thing there is a start of something new at the boundary.
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