After being likened to Hitler’s moustache, Amazon updates its latest app logo

Amazon quietly updated the template after some Twitterers figured out the disturbing similarity, replacing the jagged tape with a boxier equivalent that makes it appear very much like a package and less of a face.

According to news from The Verge, Amazon updated the app’s icon for the first time in January. While the symbol displayed Amazon’s iconic laughing arrow, a jagged row of tape above it reminded certain users of Adolf Hitler.

After some Twitter users pointed out the disturbing similarities, Amazon secretly modified the style, replacing the jagged tape with a boxier image that appears more like a product than a face.

With his distinctive blue-striped bald head, Twitter was buzzing with similarities to Aang from “Avatar: The Last Airbender.”

After its transition from a bookstore to a shopping monstrosity, Amazon has gone through numerous icons, as Marketplace reported in 2019. After removing the “.com” from the logo in 2012, the new design with sans serif script and a grinning arrow was raised.

“We launched a logo in selected countries have made improvements based on consumer reviews before we carried it out globally,” an Amazon spokeswoman said in a tweet.

In a statement to TODAY, an Amazon representative said, “Amazon is still finding new ways to please our customers.” “We developed the new symbol to evoke enthusiasm, anticipation, and joy in consumers when they begin their shopping journey on their phone, just like they do whenever they see our packages on their doorstep.”

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