Air India pilots write to the chairman, considering the ban on the use of social media unlawful

The Air India-Indian Commercial Pilots’ Association (ICPA) recently wrote to the airline’s chairperson on Thursday, alleging that the airline’s ban on the use of social media and regulation in this regard is unconstitutional and infringes on a human right. “To proceed, we should say firmly that Air India’s policy is illegal and stripped of any legal basis.”. As part of the Policy, Air India has effectively banned or restricted the involvement of social or digital media for any of its employees, even those who have retired. It informed Rajiv Bansal, the airline’s Chairman, and Managing Director, in a letter (CMD).

They mentioned that they had reviewed Air India’s policy, and it appears that the policy prohibits all Air India staff, both current and former, from sharing any material on social media, including but not confined to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other similar platforms. “In India, there still is presently no law that promotes or perhaps even implicitly forbids an individual, particularly Air India, which is a State instrumentality under Article 12 of the Constitution, from enforcing a complete ban on personnel’ involvement of social media.

It is repeatedly said that there is no excuse or legal sanction for the same,” the letter continues. They went on to say that this is a veiled attack that has been placed on workers under the guise of a series of rules and an advisory. The union has claimed that, with exception of many other employers’ social media rules, the legislation makes no effort to distinguish between material shared during working hours or from the office and content posted during working hours even outside the “For instance, the Regulatory framework does not really distinguish amongst content published from an official device and content posted via personal gadgets of all its personnel,” it says.

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