Almost everyone having EV to shun traditional cars: UK Survey

The popularity of electric vehicles across the globe is touching new heights every year. Such is its acceptance that almost every person who has purchased a battery-powered car may never return to purchasing a traditional petrol or diesel vehicle. According to a survey held among 2,000 EV owners in the UK, almost all of them were highly satisfied with their personal mode of transportation. They were so happy about their decision of going with battery power that almost everyone stated that they won’t return to cars with internal combustion engines (ICE). According to the survey held by Zap Map, the results are proof of the essential shift in consumer attitudes preferring environmentally friendly cars.

The study took place in November 2020 in which 91 per cent respondents said no thanks to replacing their EVs with a petrol or diesel vehicle. As per the survey, the acceptance of electric vehicles was also strikingly higher than that of plug-in hybrids. Apart from this, the satisfaction rating was highest for Volkswagen ID.3 (100%) and then for Tesla Model 3 and Kia e-Niro (96%). The UK has been taking giant leaps towards having more and more electric vehicles. Recently the UK government announced plans of banning the sale of new petrol and diesel-powered vehicles from 2030. Nevertheless, Hybrids would be relieved from this.

The emphasis on endorsing electric vehicles adoption is being witnessed throughout the English Channel too. As a part of this, nations like France and Germany are coming out with special incentives which motivate not just buyers to buy but producers to produce.

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