Apple Car to launch in 2024 with advance battery

As per a Reuters report, Apple is working on designing its own branded car. It is likely to arrive in 2024 with an advanced battery technology which has been described as “next level”. As a part of Project Titan, Apple is said to changing its approach yet again. Talking about Project Titan, it is project which actually set out to design a unique autonomous electric car. However, the possibility of the project was paired back to a self-driving car system. Recently, it was reported that Project Titan had changed hands internally at Apple. Apple veteran was overseeing the project. The responsibility of the Apple Car was handed over to John Giannandrea, its Senior Vice President for Machine Learning and AI strategy.

Ever since coming from Google, Giannandrea has been in charge of Apple’s AI technology across its verticals. Before being a part of Apple, he headed Google Search and AI at the search giant. In the past, Apple CEO Tim Cook has called the self-driving car project as the “mother of all AI” projects. This is why project titan being inherited by Giannandrea makes a lot of sense. The daily operation of Project Titan is run by Doug Fields. He used to report to Mansfield and has thousands of people working on the autonomous vehicle. Before leaving for Tesla, Field has worked at Apple and returned to Apple in 2018.

In the beginning, Apple was looking to make a car on its own when the project began in 2014. However, when Mansfield was brought in to lead the unit in 2016, he went with the ambition to an autonomous car system that would plug into third party vehicles. 

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