Apple to launch Glasses with this amazing technology

As per a new rumor, Apple Glasses could launch in the first quarter of 2022. The Glasses could come with six lenses and LiDAR distance tracking to augment VR and AR capabilities. It is expected that Apple Glasses will comprise alike industrial design to other VR headsets prevailing on the market. However, it is likely to being costlier than competing headsets. It is expected to cost $500 to manufacture per unit. Taking into consideration the complexity of Apple Glasses’ specs, it is not expected to release for another one year. LiDar is a more forthright benefit, making use of Time-of-Flight technology to monitor the distance to external objects via emitting a laser and tracking how long it takes to return.

As per a recent rumour, Apple is developing two distinct products: a headset that has more VR than AR capabilities. Presumably, it will resemble and work much like other VR headsets on the market. It is likely to unveil as soon as 2022. Talking about its price, it’s quite difficult to speculate about the price. However, we can get some idea by comparing other Apple products.

As reported by Nikkei Asia, the iPhone 12 Pro’s cost of materials (COM) to build it is $406. This is around 40% of the phone’s $999 / £999 / AU$1,699 baseline price tag. It is estimated that the Apple Glasses (either VR headsets or spectacles) could have a $500 cost of materials (COM). Doing some calculation, the 40% number would put an Apple Glasses product price tag at $1,231.


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