Apple working on foldable iPhones?

According to some sources, Apple Inc. has started preliminary work on an iPhone having foldable screen. This can prove to be a probable competitor to similar devices from Samsung Electronics Co. and others. Similar to Samsung’s Galaxy Fold, the Motorola Razr reboot and other such products from Chinese firms including Huawei Technologies Co., a foldable iPhone would allow Apple to produce a device with a larger screen in a more pocketable package. Apple has designed prototype foldable screens for internal testing. However, it hasn’t strengthened plans to really unveil a foldable iPhone. According to a person related with the work, beyond a display, the development work hasn’t really expanded. This implies Apple doesn’t really have complete handset prototypes in its labs yet.

Internally, Apple has deliberated numerous foldable screen sizes, including one that unfolds to a likewise size as the 6.7-inch display on the iPhone 12 Pro Max. Prevailing foldable phones have screens that are from 6 and 8 inches unfolded. According to the person, similar to Samsung, the foldable Apple screens in testing have a mostly invisible hinge with the electronics stationed behind the display. For Apple, this would be a sweeping departure. Talking about this year’s iPhone line, Apple isn’t planning major changes.

Last year, due to coronavirus the iPhone 12’s release was delayed by several weeks. However, Apple was still able to include almost every envisioned feature excluding an accessory dubbed “AirTags” for locating physical items like backpacks and keys. Now, the company plans to unveil that accessory this year.


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