Best Alternative Apps for Banned Chinese Apps

Whenever there is an unavailability of our required products/services we look for their substitutes available in the market.It is equally true in case of mobile apps when the Government of India banned 59 Chinese apps due to privacy and national security issues.The list of these 59 apps may go longer because GOI is planning to ban more Chinese apps,currently analysing privacy and security threats of 275 more apps.

Among the banned apps,some had millions of users and those users are now searching for a good alternative app.Here we are going to discuss some of the best alternative apps for the top 5 apps banned apps – Tiktok, UC Browser,Cam Scanner,Shareit,and Club Factory.

TikTok – TikTok is available in more than 150 countries on both Android and iOS platforms and has nearly 800 million monthly users in which more than 120 million users were from India.TikTok is available in different names in different countries.For instance,its name is Musically in Europe and the USA,Douyin in China and TikTok in India and other Asian nations.It is a short video sharing app with video limit of up to 60 seconds.It is based on user content generation in which users make videos and share to their timeline and other users can watch those videos.

Alternative app

Mitron Best alternative for TikTok,it has all the features that TikTok has.This is an Indian origin app and has over 10 million downloads on google play store.The users of Tiktok are now installing and making videos on this app.Banning TikTok created a big vacuum and all similar big social media platforms have started adding short video sharing feature to their apps to capture that blank space and grow the number of users.

UC Browser– UC Browser is not just a browser to access the internet, it has some other features too.You can play downloaded songs, videos in the browser itself,there was no need to install other apps like MX player and Spotify.Users could read news,open lite(static) version of any website and it came with a user-friendly interface and customization options for user’s own preferences.

Alternative app

Jio browser – It is more like UC Browser and was launched before the ban of UC Browser. However,if you have become habitual of UC Browser you won’t like it very much, it has lack of customization options and other features too.But taking less space, the app opens instantly and does not have ads which UC Browser had.Apart from this,privacy of data is the main advantage of JIO Browser against UC Browser.Above all,it’s an Indian app and we ought to give preference to this browser.

Duck Duck Go – It is not an Indian app but this browser has some features which you can’t find in any browser available on Play Store. Have you ever paid attention to ads which you see when you open any website?The ads are shown by Google AdSense and you always see ads of product which you earlier searched for.It happens because websites access our cookies,sometimes without permission means they are tracking you and it’s a kind of privacy breach.But when you use Duck Duck Go it will never show you ads and it is a sign of how secure the website is.Neither it stores your browsing history nor login credentials of any website.So if you are concerned about your privacy,you can use this browser.

CamScanner – Scanning documents through mobile was always preferred by CamScanner. CamScanner was artificially advanced app, it would crop unnecessary part of the image automatically.It had OCR feature to copy text from the image,had many filters for scanning.The best filter CamScanner had named ‘Magic Colour’,it created a contrast between written and blank space for the clear scanned image.We had the option to share the scanned documents as an image or PDF and also could reduce the size of scanned documents.


Adobe Scan – It is quite similar to CamScanner and has features like OCR, automatic crop, and filters.Coming from a reputed software company,there is less chance of data breach and also has cloud storage to save scanned image.

Document scanner – An Indian app, this app provides more than 50 tools for scanning, has 4.6 stars on Play Store and has over 1 million downloads.Through this app, apart from document scanning,you can create QR codes and scan QR codes,have options to save scanned image in different paper size varying from A1 to A6.

Shareit – Before Shareit,the file transfer was very slow because of the use of Bluetooth.Then Lenovo launched Shareit,It was a cross-platform data/file sharing app using WiFi feature.The receiver had to open his hotspot and the sender had to connect to his hotspot. When connection was established between sender and receiver, the file-sharing process would start with high speed up to 5 Mbps.It was available on all devices,for PC too.


MX ShareKaro – Created by MX media and entertainment, an Indian app for file transfer.It supports all types of file format to share images, apps,videos, songs etc.The best thing about this app is that it is ad- free and has less notification.In Shareit,they had so many ads and notification related to that which would get annoying for users.Keeping this in mind,this app provides complete ad-free experience to users.

Club Factory – Launched in 2014 in China,it is an E-commerce website and app used to sell fashion and lifestyle wear.It claims to be a zero commission shopping site and provides free shipping and COD services to its customers.


Myntra – Founded in 2007 in Bengaluru and acquired by Flipkart in Rs. 2000 crores in 2014.Myntra sell quite expensive clothes and accessories compared to Club Factory.But,it has all the big brands on its platform and provides original products and comes with 30 days return facility.

AJIO – It is an e-commerce app from Reliance Retail Ltd,owned by Isha Ambani.AJIO has international as well as local brands and price starts from Rs 399.It is the best alternative of Club Factory,one can purchase whatever one could purchase on Club Factory at a cheaper price from a reputed Indian company.

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