Bikanervala- Serving heritage on a plate

Spread like a web all across the globe Bikanervala is successfully connecting people through taste and true Indian flavours. Bikanervala Foods Pvt. Ltd. or Bikanervala – a manufacturer of Indian snacks and sweets and owners of restaurant chain has been in the business for almost 115 years.

Bikanervala has not only given India lip smacking products but has also brought pride to their own country by establishing themselves strong in over 30 other foreign countries. The recipes which were first fried and tasted in the small local shop named Lalji in Bikaner, lingers strong even in faraway countries like Singapore, the UAE, New Zealand, and the USA etc.

One of the many reasons of success of this company lies in the fact that Bikanervala although with their heart in Bikaner, Rajasthan has effectively and innovatively blended heritage recipes with modern products and process technology.

Mr. Shyam Sundar Aggarwal, the present Managing Director of the company who lent a helping hand in the success of his father’s business at the mere age of 16 from the year 1968 was a driving force behind introducing the taste of the upcoming generation to the old traditional dishes of the shop. His business style is a perfect amalgam of east and west. He still goes by his father’s business practice. Aggarwal says,“My father was concerned about quality so that we can serve the best to the customers. He wasn’t very much worried about profit or loss.”

His father’s words can be seen being reflected in the way he was able to earn loyal customers in Delhi in the year 1950 when they started fresh in the crowded lanes of Chandni Chowk’s Paranthe waali Gali – a food paradise of Delhites, an alley full of rich North Indian delicacies.  But without making any alterations in the authenticity in the taste of Rajasthan, the Aggarwal brothers slowly but gradually were able to lure in locals to the aroma of their sweets and flavours of their savouries.

This resulted in a great success to Bikaner Bhujia Bhandar in Delhi, it took them a decade to flourish in Delhi and its outskirts and tasting success with every step. They started expanding and experimenting more with their business from menu sheets to the map of the world.

Bikanerwala now a company of 1100 crores and with brands like Bikano launched in the year 1988, selling air-tight packed items. In 1955, Bikanervala entered into an exclusive agreement to produce namkeens for PepsiCo’s brand Lehar.  And in the year 2003 they launched Bikano Chat Cafes, which are quick service restaurants. There are few boutique hotels too launched under this brand. The brand in return has earned trust and loyalty of its customers and also won the awards of the Best Sweet Shops in Delhi for 2012, 2013 and 2014 by Times Food Award.

Just like the sugar and spice in their recipes, Bikanervala’s business has had been balancing business in this competitive world with their belief in tradition, heritage and old recipes as their backbone and advancement with time as their helping hand.


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