Cyber Assault, disinformation is a key problem for CEOs, says PwC’s global survey

Cyber vulnerability is a high priority for asset and wealth management, insurance, private equity, finance, and financial markets, and the I industry, according to the survey results. The vast 76% of 5,050 CEOs spanning across 100 countries around the world, including India, surveyed by PwC, said that they were positive about the global market, even as the planet finishes a year in the darkness of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The level of certainty shared by CEOs has been the strongest since the 2012 annual survey began asking this issue. The annual PwC Global Chief Executive Officer survey was done between January-February 2021. “CEOs are now faced with two key challenges: first, how to establish confidence with a wide variety of stakeholders whose business expectations are higher than ever before; and second, how to evolve their firms and generate enduring results in a dynamically changing internal and external environment to become powerful, robust and efficient post-pandemic enterprises,” stated PwC India Chairman Sanjeev Krishan Sai.

Although the fear of another contagion is the biggest concern to corporate executives across the planet, most Indian CEOs believe that global economic growth will increase over the next 12 months, reiterated PwC’s confidence received from its clients in recent times. “As businesses increase their use of outside collaborations to allow digital technologies and position them on legacy IT systems, the uncertainty generated seems to cause ever-increasing cyber risk, an environment that Indian business leaders need to address in the coming months,” added Krishan.

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