Delhi Govt to issue guidelines for Green firecrackers

The Environment Minister of Delhi Gopal Rai has said that the Delhi Government will soon issue guidelines allowing the sale and purchase of only “green fireworks in Delhi”. To control air pollution, in 2018, the Supreme Court had banned the use of polluting firecrackers and permitted the sale of “green firecrackers”. In Delhi, guidelines are being prepared for the sale and purchase of only green firecrackers. The directions to departments concerned will be issued soon. The ‘green crackers’ are not so polluting as the conventional types of firecrackers. Also, they contain at least 30% less particulate matters like Nitrogen Oxide and Sulphur Dioxide. 

For the task of developing green crackers, the CSIR-National Environment Engineering Research Institute was assigned. However, due to licensing requirements, only a few varieties were available in the market last year. According to the minister, the exercise for re-formation of the Ridge Management Board has also been initiated. To protect the ridge, RMB was formed on the directions of the Supreme Court in 1995. Ridge, also known as the green lungs of the city, spread across 7,784 hectares. Before taking up any development activity in the ridge area, its clearance is required.

The minister also said that in Delhi-NCR, the Delhi Government was taking the lead in the fight against air pollution, but neighboring states were still not serious about the issue. He said that after Covid-19 pandemic, it has become more dangerous. “The Delhi government wants teamwork not hostility with other states on the matter of air-pollution”, he says.

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