Evolution of Podcast in India

Podcasting in India began around 2005 when Apple updated iTunes to support podcasts. There were approximately 3000 Indian podcasters offering programmes in English, Hindi and Tamil.

From my point of view, due to the rising demand and interest toward internet, iPhone and other electronics media, Apple foresaw the future of India inclined towards electronic media platforms and how it will raise profit and demand in upcoming generation. If we see our surrounding, we can witness from a small child to an old person addicted to mobile phones, video games, television, listening to radios. Today, people are not only confined to books, they are more interested and passionate towards social media.

Internet has provided many marketers with a platform to spread brand awareness. Internet has made it easier for business to reach their customers. At that time, Apple iTunes grabbed this opportunity to rule the market. Today there are 40 million podcast listeners in India, the sector is witnessing a 60% growth as new firms and new shows swamp the market.

As we also see, there is a great impact on our minds while listening to someone on radio with high volume. It gives goosebumps and inspires more people to believe on their words.  There is a big difference between listening and watching. When we listen somebody with full presence of mind, it affects us more.

We can see in front of our eyes, reported in the news, trending on Twitter or YouTube or Facebook. We can see how they influence, feed off and inspire each other. This echo provides a better place to anyone who have confidence, vision and intelligence on how to speak which can help them earn money. The demand of Spotify, Wynk music, Anchor, and Amazon India is rising day by day. Because millions of people are fond of music. Podcasts is becoming increasingly popular as you can see many influencers, media houses, creators and YouTubers embracing the genre.

Evolution of Podcast in India
Evolution of Podcast in India

In fact, Anchor’s co- founder Michael Mignano said, “India is one of the fastest growing communities for Anchor. We see a huge opportunity in the demand for podcast creation”. A lot of credit goes to Spotify for taking chance with a familiar yet different concept and making podcasts what it is today. This is how Podcasting has been growing because there is a great impact on humans by humans. Many people have tendency to do what others are doing or saying. Our words affect other a lot whether it is good or bad. We can also see a lot of examples around us whether it is in our family or society or YouTube videos, it affects people a lot.  This is how podcast is increasing worldwide as each day passes.


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