Facebook to prompt iPhone users to encourage this feature

Facebook will begin presenting a prompt on its mobile (iPhone and iPad) app intended to encourage consumers to allow ad monitoring in anticipation of an imminent privacy reform in which Apple will require developers to seek authorization to track users through applications and websites in the future. The new screen, first announced by CNBC on Monday, will be shown to users worldwide beginning today and will provide Facebook with early details on how Apple’s privacy reforms could impact the company of the social network, ahead of Apple’s expected early spring update that will make the opt-in requirement mandatory.

The prompt would provide users with an overview page explaining why Facebook suggests a user should give the company permission to monitor them on iOS. The corporation believes that doing so would make advertisements more targeted and better sustain companies that rely on the advertisement. Apple’s forthcoming move, first detailed at its developer conference last year, would enable consumers to opt-out of making apps collect the so-called Identifier for Advertisers, or IDFA, code that businesses exchange with each other to track users through apps and websites and calculate the efficacy of digital advertising.

Facebook has spent the past few months citing possible damage to small businesses caused by Apple’s recent privacy regulations, which Facebook claims would contribute to less efficient ads and ultimately lower sales. The group has also taken full-page newspaper advertisements about Apple’s reforms, and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Apple CEO Tim Cook have made a series of highly aggressive public statements against the business strategies of the other company. Today, according to the App Store rules that allow developers to educate users, Facebook uses the latest prompt “to help people make more informed choices.”

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