FAU-G to launch at this time?

The homegrown battle royale game – FAU-G – is set to launch in India today, 26 January. For last many weeks, the developers have been teasing the game enthusiasts. For the forthcoming indigenous game, the official title track was launched earlier this month. The video for the song also works as a teaser to the actual game. This is because in the clip, we can see a new fight sequence and weaponry are also shown. nCORE Games is developing the game. Talking about the launch time of FAU-G, speculations are rife that developers will launch the game after Republic day ceremony.

Talking about the clip, it focuses on the Ladakh episode where enemy soldiers can be witnessed parachuting down to Indian bases. We witness a glimpse apparently from the first episode of the game. The video displays several Indian soldiers taking on the enemies with close contest without arms. Later in some scenes, the soldiers can be witnessed using an assault rifle as well. It offers an idea about the sound quality and gameplay and of PUB-G. Apart from this, we witness a Punjabi soldier as the leading role for the clip and some Punjabi dialogues have been included as well.

It will be interesting to see if all the episodes have one single character in the lead or not. Apart from this, the choice of language will be interesting to note as well. This becomes important to note because the game is being promoted as the Indian version of the popular game PUBG. Akshay Kumar also shared the clip on his Twitter handle. Before this, during Dussehra, nCore had unveiled the first trailer for the game. It was then marketed to be launched in November 2020.


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