GoI to question WhatsApp about its Privacy Policy?

Of late, WhatsApp informed about its updated terms of service and privacy policies from February 8. This led to severe criticism from all sides. Now, the Facebook-owned company is allegedly under the government’s radar as well. Under the new policies, WhatsApp will begin sharing some data with Facebook and its associated companies. Across the globe, this decision has raised privacy concerns as WhatsApp users won’t be able to use the app without approving the new terms. Going by a Times of India report, the Indian government has begun inspecting the controversy surrounding WhatsApp’s new update. Reportedly, the issue is being discussed at the highest levels of the IT ministry.

Going by the source, the government is worried about the ‘regulatory vacuum’ in terms of data protection in India. This is because at present there is no data protection law. Talking this into consideration, government can table a bill for personal data protection in the Parliament. However, it is probable to take some time before it takes the form of a law. According to the official source, the privacy update required by WhatsApp in user agreement in European Union is seen as soft. However, in India, it is extensive and may have terms that may possibly damage user privacy.

Apart from this, the Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT) has urged the Indian government to either limit WhatsApp from executing the new privacy policy or ban WhatsApp and Facebook in India. Meanwhile, WhatsApp has issued a explanation maintaining that user’s privacy won’t be affected if you don’t use the two optional features.


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