Google Assistant vs Alexa vs Siri

Google Assistant, Alexa and Siri are three of the most popular Voice Assistants available in the market. AI Voice Assistants have been on a roll lately. With increased integration of Technology in our lifestyles, Voice Assistants aid in performing certain tasks that were not possible before. This led to the widespread acceptance of AI Voice Assistants. Even though all the aforementioned Voice Assistants do offer a basic functionality, they excel at performing certain workloads. In this article we will draw a comparison between the three Voice Assistants and would learn about the features they offer. 


Siri voice assistant is exclusive to Apple devices such as MacBooks, iPhones, Apple Watches, iPods etc. There exist no other means of using Siri then to buy an Apple product. On the other hand, Alexa and Google Assistant could be found in a plethora of devices, which aren’t restricted to a brand or device. Google Assistant could be found on Android Devices, Third Party Smart Speakers, Smartwatches, AndroidTV etc. Whereas Alexa though initially used for Amazon Echo Smart Speakers is now available for use on a host of devices, ranging from Smart Speakers, Amazon FireTV, FireStick to Fitbits. Therefore, Google Assistant and Alexa are a lot more accessible than Siri.

Response to Queries

Though all the Voice assistants are capable of responding to queries with varying levels of accuracy, some are a lot proficient in doing so. A Digital Assistant IQ Test was done on the Voice assistants to determine how well they are able to answer questions. For which 800 questions were asked to each of the Voice Assistants. Out of which Google Assistant was able to answer 93% of them, Siri 83% of them and Alexa 80% of them. The research was quite elaborate so a read is highly advised. 


Voice Assistants are used a lot to perform tasks automatically, without manual intervention. The task may be anything from playing music, plotting optimal travel routes, finding Phonebook Contacts all the way to finding a restaurant nearby that offers a specific food. Almost all the Voice Assistants offer some level of task competition. Though Google Assistant is the most proficient in performing complex tasks as well. This ability is attributed towards its utilisation of data stored at Google servers in order to display accurate results. Alexa and Siri lacking such massive unified storage aren’t much capable at doing certain tasks. 


Another feature commonly found in Voice Assistants is their ability to control other devices. The devices could range anywhere from third party speakers to home automation systems. Google Assistant excels in this as well, due to it being Open-source in nature allowing third party product manufacturers to add support for it with ease. Alexa also follows the same chores offering functionality with third party products, and is compatible with thousands of applications designed to improve its functionality. Siri is quite rigid on this as it only offers limited compatibility with devices and applications, due to it being Closed Source.

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