Google to stop working in this country amid a serious standoff?

Lately, the deadlock between Google and Australian authorities seems to be getting ugly. This is because the tech giant has intimidated to stop making its popular search engine available in Australia if a planned law by the Australian government is brought into effect. The planned law has become a bone of contention as it would make Google pay to news publishers for their content. This is first of its kind for Google across the globe. The said law has also compelled Facebook to pay publishers. Largely, the law is witnessing a pushback from Google which has made its views on the matter clear.

Mel Silva, Google’s Australia managing director, told a Senate hearing previously that the planned news media law will be “unworkable”. He further stated that the company was ready to leave the Australian market. It will come as a major statement by Google, if it really manages to go ahead with its threat to deactivate its search function in Australia. Google witnesses billions of people daily visit its search portal for answers to some of the most common enquiries. Answering Google’s statement, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison stated that the government would not respond to threats.

Addressing the media, he stated that Australia makes rules for things that can be done in Australia. Nevertheless, Google has come to a revenue-sharing agreement with the French Alliance de la Presse d’Information Générale. It is an organization that represents news publishers in France. According to CNBC, Google has accepted a process for paying news publishers on diverse criteria.


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