Google testing a function that will collect videos from TikTok, Instagram

According to some reports, Google is testing a function that will collect videos from TikTok and Instagram in dedicated cassettes in the Google mobile app. To watch short videos, users won’t have to open individual apps if this feature rolls out extensively. This is because they will get the option to search and watch within the Google app itself. A few months back, the short video cassette started making presences on Google Discover. As per reports, it is pulling in videos from TikTok and Instagram now too. According to a Google spokesperson, the function is being piloted on mobiles. It is a limited early-stage function right now on the Google app for mobiles and on the mobile website.

However, it is yet not clear what searches the feature will be available for. According to a tweet from Brian Freiesleben, Google seemed to include short videos from TikTok and Instagram. However, Freiesleben was looking for American football team Green Bay Packers. According to report, clicking on the Instagram and TikTok videos in the short videos’ cassette directs users to the Web version of the social media platform, not the mobile app. This happens even if it is installed on the phone.

The report further stated that by clicking on the back arrow, users can return to the search results that lead them to the video. As of now, the feature hasn’t rolled out for everyone and seems to be only in testing stages. It is unclear how the function will work in India, where TikTok has been debarred by the government.

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