Google tests beta version of Task Mate app in India

In India, Google has begun testing its Task Mate app. The app is available in beta version as of now on the Google Play Store. For completing certain tasks, the app will let users earn money in return. Users will be required to finish tasks such as recording a spoken sentence, clicking a photo of shop fronts, confirming certain shop details or transliterating sentences posted by businesses. Users can finish tasks from anywhere in the world and at any given time. However, to finish a certain task, Google will be giving users a time frame. Also, users will also be allowed to pick tasks of their choice and skip the unwanted ones. Google will allow users get money in their own country denomination.

To correctly adjudge their reward, a task will undergo review and users will be awarded certain levels after their completion. There are two broad classification for tasks — sitting or field tasks. Google can also specifically ask for tasks. The app will work in three basic steps: finding tasks nearby, completing tasks to begin earning, and cashing out the earnings. The only problem is that it is in beta and new users can join only if they have the referral codes. As of now, it is limited to selected testers as it is in beta version.

Also, in the description of the app, Google advises users to install the app if they have the referral code which can be attained only via invites. This is similar to Rewards app by Google. This app allows users earn money by answering survey questions. The catch is that the reward is credited in the Play Store currency.

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