Hire a veteran from armed forces and grow your business

There is good news for doyens in the current workforce scenario. According to the 2019 report from the BLS, the unemployment rate was a mere 3.1%, which is the lowest rate in the past 19 years. The business has seemed to learn from the years of chronic unemployment that there are exceptional benefits of hiring senior members in the business. It is a perfect time for the businesses to hire experienced doyens during this pandemic, where this ongoing pandemic has changed the unemployment rate drastically for the entire working population. These leading figures have been trained in general as well as technical skills in their military careers. From food services to technical support, the armed forces of the country impart skills on doyens. Veterans have years of experience cooperating with their peers and are very team-oriented to meet the targets set by the team leaders. These doyens when hired by the company, provide great benefits to the employees during their training. If you want to hire doyens for your company, this article will help you provide what the doyens bring to the table and, where and how a company can hire Doyens?


Benefits of Hiring a Doyen

Most of the employers want to hire a Doyen in the company, other employers may be wondering more about the benefits of hiring a doyen. We’ve talked earlier about the experience, team-work which they bring in the organization. But apart from these benefits, there are other hard cost benefits to hire a doyen in the organization. Here are some of the tangible benefits of hiring a doyen in the organization, some of them are enumerated below

  • Doyens are trained on specific technical skills by the armed forces.
  • They are given special training as to how to complete hundreds of general tasks while in the armed forces.
  • They are trained to work cooperatively with the team with loyalty and dedication.
  • Veterans are trained to use effective leadership techniques.

How to Hire a Doyen

Thankfully, most of the organizations have started realizing the benefits of hiring the doyens in the organization, they have now started hiring more and more doyens in the company. There is an increase in resources that will help both employees and the employers of the organization. If you are an employer of an organization and want to know as to how to hire a doyen, consider following a piece of advice when you are preparing a recruiting strategy:


  • Understand the basic culture of the military 

An understanding of basic values, structure, policies, and expectations will help promote a stronger working relationship between employers & employees who are Doyens or family members of Doyens. When it comes to hiring doyen, it can be very helpful to have an existing employee doyen- who must be involved in the process in order to better understand and communicate with your doyen candidates. 


  • Research the skills you want 

It’s important to figure out the type of skills you need for the position for any hiring decision. An additional exercise is to be conducted to see what traditional skills from the armed forces will best translate to the role when you consider hiring a doyen.

For Example: if you are hiring for a marketing position in the company, you must look at skills related to crafting engaging content and understanding people’s decision-making process. In such cases, a former Army Recruiter or Psychological Operations Specialist can be the right choice as they understand people. The military titles above mentioned weren’t just pulled from thin air. 


  • Write a Doyen-friendly Job Descriptions

Even if your company has drafted a well-written job description for your open position, it must be adjusted to an extent to attract the doyens. This is important for the job position which is specifically relevant to a candidate with a military backdrop. The hiring manager of your company must ensure that the job description must explain responsibilities in detail, uses substitutable language, and list familiar skills that will allow the doyen to understand how their skills and experience are applicable and assignable to the position.


  • Interrogate right interview questions


Hiring a veteran requires a sedulous approach to interviewing. The hiring manager must ask relevant military and civilian training as well as their experience, and why they believe they are the ones suitable for that particular job position. Avoid asking direct questions to them like the type of discharge they received, whether they will be called up for duty, etc.


  • Post to job sites 

It’s never bad to post vacancies that arise in the company on the usual job website like Indeed or Monster. When the hiring manager of the company does, it’s helpful to add language to univocal shows that doyens are encouraged to apply. In fact, putting “Doyens are encouraged to apply” in the job title will certainly increase the response rate of doyens.


  • Hire for Right Reasons

While some of the employers hire the doyens, just to feel patriotic or for the tax break, it’s crucial to ensure that your doyen applicant is in fact the right candidate for the job. Just as any other candidate which you hire in your organization for a certain job position, you’ll need to assess things like their technical and soft skills, cultural fit, expectations regarding work-life balance, and career goals, when hiring doyens as well.


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