How to earn money from Instagram?

As you know, these days all of us want to earn money from social media platforms. Making money on social media is not an easy work but also not that difficult. You can make money on social media by using some simple ways. So, let’s get it on.


Whenever we hear the word Instagram, we think about posting some pictures and show-off stuff. But do you know you can make money from Instagram by your posts? In this article, I’ll help you know some interesting facts about Instagram and how you can make money from that.

How many followers do you require to make money from Instagram?

You must be thinking that how many followers you should have to make money. In short answer, not as much as you think. It depends on how you’re gaining your followers. Thousands of fake followers don’t make you popular whereas your 1000 organic followers can do so. Now the question is how you can make money from that? So, basically you have to do is caring about your pictures that you are going to post on it. Your pictures should be clean and in good quality.

Here the one thing to remember is your picture shouldn’t be over-edited. Before posting your pictures, use some trendy hashtags on picture caption so that your picture will be in trend or will be featured. If you have 500 and more than 500 followers, you can approach some brand for paid promotion. If they agree, they will give you some advertisements to post on your Instagram account or on your Insta story. They can sponsor your posts for brands that want to get in front of your audience.

How can you make money by only creating a page on Instagram?

Before creating a page, be sure about what you want to create and what is the purpose of your page. There can be different types of pages like fashion blogs, entertainment, memes and many more things. Instagram doesn’t pay you for just creating a page, you have to work very hard on it so that Instagram pays you. Here are some points you should consider while creating an Instagram page:

  • Your content should be original.
  • Your content shouldn’t be cringe or saturated.
  • Your content should have a purpose or a message so that your viewers can understand what actually this video, photo, etc. is about.
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