ILO calls for gig economy regulation

The International Labor Organization called for better regulatory cooperation between countries to protect employees in the digital economy, saying that the distinction between employees and self-employed is increasingly blurred.

“Working conditions are largely governed by the terms of the service contracts of the networks, that are often arbitrarily dictated,” the ILO said. “Algorithms are increasingly replacing humans in the allocation and evaluation of work and in the management and monitoring of workers.” it continued

The call from the Geneva-based body comes only days after the Supreme Court of Britain ruled that Uber Technologies Inc. would regard its drivers as “workers”, allowing them rights to holiday pay, rest breaks, and minimum wage.

The ruling opens the door for new lawsuits on the part of persons who offer their services to other sites, and European officials are willing to change the laws.

In Spain, strict labour law reforms are now being planned by the government, which may mean that food distribution platforms must officially hire the couriers they rely on.

“The issues faced by project personnel are indeed the consistency of work and income, limited access to social safety, freedom of association and collective bargaining rights,” the ILO said. “Working hours can sometimes be prolonged and unforeseeable”.


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