India to have its own app store

Technology entrepreneurs have requested the central government to launch an India digital application store. This is in response to the growing turmoil because of the dominance of the US technology giants Google and Apple in the country’s digital services market. According to some officials, for governance-centric apps, India has already an app store. Along with this, there is a need to also introduce policies necessitating handset manufacturers to preload alternative app stores along with widespread services like Google play.

In a recent tweet, Ravi Shankar Prasad, Union minister for electronics and IT, said that encouraging Indian app developers was essential to create an #AatamanirbharBharat app ecosystem. He also appreciated Indian app developers for receiving positive view on how to boost the ecosystem. As alternatives are very hard it is easy for developers to use their (Google) libraries, as app are tightly linked to other service such as maps, location and many more.

According to some officials building an alternative store is easy but getting a trusted platform is very challenging as tech giant like Google’s Android operating system has a 98% market share. As per experts, to break the dominance of these global tech giants, India is well placed. To run the platform, a minimal charge of 2% can be levied. And for this, digital industry won’t require the government’s help. The developers can just crowdsource it with minimal charge. Because of this, nobody will then need to pay 30% to Google and Apple.

However, building an Indian app store will not be that easy as conglomerates like Google and Apple offer some readymade tools to developers to build their apps. Not only this, they spend billions of dollars to remove malware and security bugs every year.

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