Instagram considering this major change to its stories feature

Going by a recent update, popular social media platform – Instagram — is now looking for a major transformation to how the Instagram Stories feature works. As part of a new test, for some users, the company has been deleting the option to share posts from the feed to stories. In a report by Social Media Today (via The Verge), Instagram users have been getting notifications about the forthcoming change. The change disables the option to re-share a photo or video from the regular feed to stories. As per the company, it claims that some people don’t like to see the same content from the feed being shared in stories. This is because each feature was created for a different purpose.

For users who have been selected to become a part of the test, a banner appears at the top of the app with a message. Instagram informed that the tests were being held “within a few selected regions. At the same time, it also said that there was no plan to bring this change out more largely at this stage. It’s still not clear how the social network determines which users from which regions will lose access to the re-share option.

On a related note, Instagram started to advise content creators not to repost TikTok videos to Reels. It is the Instagram platform that contests directly with TikTok. Instagram is not banning TikTok videos. However, the company asks that new Reels should be “original and authentic.”

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