Instagram to soon introduce this feature

As per a TechCrunch report, soon Instagram may introduce a vertical feed for Stories. The vertical feed gives the impression to be inspired by TikTok’s popular vertical video feed format. Already, Instagram has made efforts to compete with TikTok’s concept with Reels. First of all, the vertical feed UI was spotted by Alessandro Paluzzi who shared the feature on his Twitter account. As per the report, the feature is not live yet as he discovered the change in the Instagram codes. Also, Instagram confirmed that the feature was in the works but not available to the public at this time.

The feature is likely to be weeks or months away from the official rollout. However, it hints at a wider acceptance for the TikTok-like vertical video feed format. For the time being, Instagram shows Stories in horizontal circular tabs for individual posts. However, TikTok’s growing popularity has compelled the rival social networking platforms to introduce something alike. The ban on TikTok in India has also encouraged the social networking companies to push their vertical video offerings. India is one of the biggest internet markets.

The alteration in the UI is likely to encourage Instagram to merge Stories with Reels or improve the layout for higher engagement on the platform. Apart from this, Instagram is encouraging users to post more original content on Stories instead of sharing the feed posts as Stories. Also, it is expected to go on to remove the ability altogether. Reportedly, the company is testing the feature in select markets.


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