Investment advice based on extensive research and analysis on stocks

More often than not, we come across people comparing the stock market with casinos or some sort of gambling. It takes a lot of effort to make such people understand the basic difference between investing and gambling. Investment is a science which inculcates a lot of research and analysis. Only after a detailed know how, an individual or investor can fathom how stocks behave. A naive or inexperienced person has to be extra cautious while dealing with stocks. That’s where the role of investment advisor comes into play. Today we are going to talk about one such advisor – Multibagger Securities Research & Advisory Pvt Ltd. It has garnered a good name for its extensive research and analysis on stocks. 

After its inception, the company is growing very well and has both domestic and  international clients. It received ISO 9001 certification also for the company.  The New Delhi based firm was set up in Feb 2017 to redefine and rethink equity research and advisory. It is a SEBI Registered investment advisor. Its CEO, Manish Goyal, who is a Chartered Accountant by qualification, is a person with a  long term vision and a passion to excel in whatever he does. After becoming CA, he worked as  Finance Manager in Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd from 2006 to 2010. He gives quality of life much more importance and that’s why he resigned from his job in 2010 to live his passion. 

Then he  made stock investing his full time career and started guiding other investors also on social media. He helped investors in making big wealth through his big multibaggers like Swiss Glascoat,  KPR Mills, Chaman Lal Setia Exports, Mold Tek Packaging and many more. In 2017, he started  this company so that he could help people on a larger scale in becoming successful investors/ entrepreneurs and live a quality life at the same time. It was incorporated mainly for quality  research & advisory in Indian equity markets with a special focus on identifying Multibagger  Stocks. The firm has been granted exclusive rights to use the word ‘Multibagger’ by the government of India. 

Multibagger Securities Research & Advisory Pvt ltd was incorporated with the aim of bringing quality in equity research and advisory field. Mr Goyal, in less than five years of its inception, has made it an epitome of a go-to advisory firm by means of his leadership traits that comprise integrity, long term vision and team player. Since its beginning, he has  never deflected from his original ideals and vision. That is why he has stayed away from providing intraday trading tips because the firm considers that as a gamble instead of  science. 

Changing the mindset of investors from gambling to investing

The company was set up to redefine and rethink equity research and advisory. However, the firm had its own share of challenges in its initial days, which it overcame quite judiciously. Most important task and challenge it faced in the beginning was to change the mindset of investors from gambling to investing. Majority of investors were looking  towards the stock market as a casino and most of them were engaged in intraday trading or short term trading to make quick money. It tried and succeeded in educating investors that stock investing is a science and that people should take stock investing as a business instead of treating it as a gamble.

Manish felt a huge gap between what earlier advisors were offering and what investors really needed. “I just started telling the truth about equity investing and it spread like a fire automatically because Trust is infectious”, explains Manish. Since then, the firm has been climbing the ladder of success. The company gives importance to high standards of services to its clients, corporate  governance, integrity and hard work. Its  website itself speaks volumes about the transparency  with which it operates. 

The company has a main focus on equity research in general and in finding Multibagger stocks in  particular. For the time being, it is providing only one type of service for long term investors taking into consideration its emphasis on equity research. In this  package, it is providing 12 undervalued quality small cap stocks which have potential for  huge ratings in a few years. In future it can launch different variations of this service to suit  different kinds of investors. He has been working with a mantra of maximising clients’ wealth. He believes if you are steadfast to maximising clients’ wealth, rest things will be taken care of by clients’ happiness and success.

Warren Buffet’s lessons that played a vital role 

Manish never stops learning and the same stands true in the case of his firm. Since 2017, when he made a few inevitable mistakes in the beginning of his career, it didn’t frustrate him; rather he took those mistakes as learnings and bounced back. He took inspiration from the famous quote, “I never lose. Either I win or I learn”.  Those failures made him more alert and conscious instead of making him over confident. Throughout his journey, he has been a big time admirer of Warren Buffet. From him, he leant that long term investing in undervalued quality fundamentally strong companies gives you a lot of margin of safety. That is how he has always tried to create the highest returns for clients with minimum possible risks.

Talking about the firm’s investment philosophy, it has focussed on making wealth for investors with consistency. With every passing month and year, its track record kept improving and so investors have shown high confidence in its services. It takes into consideration various important macroeconomic indicators that influence stock market – Inflation, GDP, national debt, IIP, employment data, export growth, fiscal deficit. 

Not only this, the company is helping aspiring customers/investors in many different ways. Firstly, at its website the firm has provided a lot of ‘Dos’ and ‘Don’ts’ of the stock market which will help investors  avoid some typical mistakes of the average investor. It has also provided 6-7 great books at its website free of cost helping investors learn the basic science of investing. In addition to that,  Mr Goyal gets in direct touch with the customers at WhatsApp and gives them  personal guidance whenever required. It has made the customers learn how to ignore the noise of the stock market world and focus on what is relevant.  

Making the most out of fintech

These days the cocktail of technology and finance is gaining huge traction as it holds the possibility of making things quite easier and convenient for customers. Taking this into consideration, Mr Goyal and his team aspire for partnership in the technology and finance industry which can do wonders for  stakeholders in terms of accessibility, profitability and reliability. To this end, the firm has launched its Mobile Application also. It is further contemplating more ideas as to how to use Technology to make the services more efficient and effective.  

Fathoming the satisfaction quotient involved in every business, it believes that satisfaction of all stakeholders is necessary for a system to grow and blossom, be it customers, suppliers or employees. This makes the firm take care of not only its clients/investors but employees too and ensure that they have a great work life  balance. “We have a flexible work hours culture.  Because a happy and satisfied mind can do better research and can make better decisions”, asserts Mr Goyal. He also motivates his employees and teaches them a lot of things about equity research.

As the growth prospects of the firm is high, it aspires to open a branch in Chandigarh. Also, it is contemplating applying for PMS services in future and may go in other related fields of capital markets like stock broking etc. “Our near term mission is to outperform all our competitors in terms of the CAGR of our suggested stocks. Our Vision is to be among the top 5 equity research and advisory industries globally. We aim to become the biggest wealth creator in terms of CAGR in the next 5 years. In the long term we want to be industry leaders”, says Mr Goyal while talking about the mission of his firm. 

In his personal life, Mr Goyal believes in spirituality a lot. On being asked what he would have become had he not been a business leader, he happily says that he would have loved to become a spiritual leader.  This is the kind of love and passion he has for spirituality along with finance. 

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