iOS Vs Android: Who wins the battle?

As of 2020, Android and iOS are the most used Operating systems for Mobile Devices. Collectively they occupy 99% of the market share of mobile operating systems worldwide. There are several reasons attributing towards the success of these two operating systems, some of which being Ease of use, Friendly User Interface, Regular Updates and Security. In this, we have tried to provide insights on the history and differences between Android and iOS operating systems.



In the year 2003, Android Incorporation was formed in Palo Alto, California, United States. Andy Rubin was the founder of the company. In 2005, the company was acquired by Google for 50 million dollars. Since then, the company exists as a subsidiary of Google. Initially the intention of the company was to create an Operating System for Digital Cameras. This idea was dropped due to a lack of a market for Digital camera, which would not have satisfied the goals for the resultant Operating Systems. Due to which the attention was shifted towards creating an Operating system for handheld devices within a few months from initial development. 

Android Operating system hit the markets on 23rd September, 2008. The name of OS ‘Android’ was chosen, as it was the nickname of the founder of the company Andy Rubin (a nickname given to him by his co-workers at Apple in 1989). The first mobile device to have Android as an operating system was HTC dream. The first Android version was 1.5 which had the nickname of Cupcake. 

iOS (iPhone Operating System)

In the year 2005, Steve Jobs (then CEO of the company) began working on the iPhone. The initial hurdle was the design of it. Steve Jobs contemplated between either creating a smaller version of Macintosh (Apple Personal Computer Family) or a larger version of iPod (Apple Media player). For the deduction, both the teams of Macintosh and iPod developers were placed in an internal competition to decide the winner. The Macintosh team won the competition by creating the iPhone Operating System (iOS). This decision also helped third party application developers (not lying within Apple).

This is the reason why iPhone OS was derived out of Macintosh. Therefore, there existed architectural similarities between the two. This aided in the development of applications for the new iPhone OS, as the prior Macintosh developers just needed to migrate over to the new device, which required minimal retraining (due to similarities in build). Forestall (Macintosh Team) also created a Software development kit for development of applications for iOS. The first iOS was released in June 2007, named iOS 1.

Difference between Android and iOS

BasisAndroid iOS
SystemAndroid uses an Open System. This allows for high customizability of the underlying Operating System.iOS uses a Closed System. This restricts the System Permissions and defers performing certain tasks.
SecurityAndroid OS is a common target for many types of cyber-attacks. This is due to the Open Nature of the Operating System, and predominant market share. iOS is generally regarded as a Secure OS in contrast to other operating systems for mobile devices. This is due to the restrictive policies on Application Installs, and constant updates towards repelling newly found cyber-attacks. 
ApplicationApplications are obtained via the Google Play Store, but could be installed by external means as well.Applications are obtained from the Apple app store. 
Market ShareAndroid boasts the highest market share of any mobile Operating System (72.48%).iOS has the second highest market share of Mobile OS (26.9%).
AssistantsAndroid offers Google Assistant as the voice assistant for the OS.iOS offers Siri as the voice assistant for the OS.
AccessibilityAndroid is more accessible than other mobile Operating Systems. This is due to it being Open Source, which allows for different variants of it to be produced separately without any concern. This allows for non-Google devices to run the OS, making it more accessible.iOS is a lot less accessible, due to it being controlled by Apple. And therefore, the OS (or its variants) could only be found in an Apple product. 

We hope this article helped in acquainting the reader about the two Operating Systems and would have apprised on the differences between the two. 

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