iPhone 13 Pro models likely to get 120Hz AMOLED displays from Samsung

According to some inputs, the new iPhone 13 pro models will come with a higher refresh rate display than previous iPhone models. The iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max will come with a 120 Hz of refresh rate having ProMotion Panel. We have also seen this on the iPad pro. As per sources, Samsung is likely to supply the components that allows up to 120Hz refresh rate on the upcoming iPhone 13 Pro models. The upcoming iPhone series may come later this year. As per the leaks, it is likely to come with smaller notch than the previous models.

As per the sources, Samsung Electro-Mechanics could be considered as a supplier for the upcoming iPhone 13 Pro models display component. The conglomerate manufactures rigid-flexible printed circuit boards (RFPCB), which is what connects the OLED panels to mainboards. Apple requires this component to enable up to a 120Hz refresh rate on the upcoming iPhone 13 Pro series.

Already, Samsung Display is a display provider for Apple, so it would make sensor for the tech giant to source the rigid-flexible printed circuit boards (RFPCB) from Samsung Electro-Mechanics. The base variant iPhone 13 will use a multiplex FPCB, which doesn’t support the ProMotion high-refresh rate feature unlike iPhone 13 Pro Max and the iPhone 13 Pro.

As per the sources, the upcoming iPhone 13 series is likely to use LTPO display technology that will help the new models to consume less power because high-refresh rate displays usually consume a lot of power, mainly at 120Hz. Though, with the help of LTPO technology, the upcoming devices may be able to provide an efficient high refresh rate display. The new iPhone series will come with the power of A15 Bionic chipset, smaller notch and improved cameras.

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