Karnataka takes back night curfew

Karnataka has taken back its night curfew order that was issued a day before. Amid anxieties over a mutated and rapidly-spreading coronavirus strain, the state government had announced the night curfew yesterday. Few hours before, the curfew was to become effective. State police had also issued SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) for the curfew period. On Tuesday, Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa had stated that there was no requirement of night curfew. On Wednesday, he stated that night curfew would be put to effect considering the new strain. However, the same day an official order specified altered timings from those he stated. Today CM stated that after getting feedback from the public, the curfew was being taken back.

As per a Chief Minister’s office statement, after getting advice from experts, it had announced the night curfew to limit the spread of the new coronavirus strain. The issue was re-examined after getting feedback from the public. The decision has been withdrawn in consultation with cabinet colleagues. Apart from this, the statement further stated that the public should practice self-regulation, use masks, social distance, evade needless travel and follow government strategies on the control of COVID-19. In announcing a curfew, Karnataka followed Maharashtra. Chief Minister of the state had announced that till January 2, non-essential movement would be restricted from 11 pm to 5 am.

The curfew did not go well with the shopkeepers, traders and businessmen in the state. There remains the fear of a second wave despite the daily cases lowering now than in previous months.

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