Koo for expressing Indian views: An Indian languagified app

The Koo app was launched in March 2020. An App designed for people to express their thoughts in their Indian regional languages. The app currently offers its users the option of 6 languages. It was first launched in the Kannada language and now supports Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu and Marathi.  The app developers have shown interest in introducing more languages for their overgrowing loyal users.

The app has won the Indian government’s Aatmanirbhar App Innovation challenge in August 2020. It was also named Google Play Store’s Best Daily Essential App for 2020, and got a special mention by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Mann ki Baat.

The app was launched at a time when the Indian government was looking for alternatives to Chinese apps and hence Koo app was much appreciated. It is developed by Aprameya Radhakrishna and Mayank Bidawatka in March 2020. Koo allows users to express their thoughts in 400 characters of text or one-minute short video or audio format.

The founders Aprameya and Mayank have been developing apps for long time back. They had already developed apps like Taxiforsure, Vokal and RedBus but sadly these apps could not last longer in the app stores, either due to poor performance or tough competition from rival apps like Uber and Ola etc.

The entrepreneurs have been working towards enabling non-English users in India since 2017 by developing the app Vocal which was quite similar to Quora app. The Vokal app was a person-to-person info-sharing startup catering to people who mostly belong to rural pockets and are new to using internet.

The major turning point for the Koo app was its immense popularity gained because of the rift between Indian government and the officials of the Twitter application. The app has attracted more than 4.4 million users. The government after being denied of some of their demands from Twitter regarding the ongoing farmers protest have switched to the desi alternative of Twitter. Koo app with its yellow bird logo has gained trust from these government heads where they can freely communicate with the citizens of India.

The presence of these government bodies and other celebrated people from India has attracted the general public too for expressing their ideas and beliefs through the Koo application. But this is not only time of celebration for the founders but also a peak period of improvising more and more of their application because this is the only way that can ensure people to stick to this app in future too. Recently Koo has gained good investors too.

The democratic Indians want a sooth running app to express their beliefs independently and do not wish to be under surveillance. Hence, Koo now has more responsibilities in terms of working on its interface and smooth programming to being politically neutral amidst this chaotic situation in India.

India is now rapidly evolving to become more and more dependent and therefore such initiatives and startups need our support. We should come together to build a new India which is technically advanced and progressive in each and every field.


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