Labour Ministry ratifies work laws within four codes

The Ministry of labour and Employment has finalized the laws under the four labour codes, opening the way for changes to be enforced by notifying them shortly. The four large codes on employment, workplace rights, social welfare, and occupational protection, health, and working practices have already been informed following the approval of the President. However, the rules need to be told in order to enforce these four codes. The ministry has now concluded the consultation process on draft rules relating to the four codes and has signed those for notice.

Speaking to the PTI, labour Secretary Apurva Chandra said, “We have finalized the rules under the four codes which are required to implement the four labour codes. We are ready to notify these rules. States are engaged in their work to create rules under the four codes.” Parliament enacted four codes on four broad codes on employment, labour relations, social welfare and workplace safety, and health and working practices, which would eventually rationalize 44 key labour laws. The Wages Code was adopted by Parliament in 2019, while the three other codes were accepted by both Houses in 2020. The Ministry requires all four codes to be enforced in one go.

After the rules have been developed, four codes can now be notified in one go. Earlier on 8 February 2021, Chandra said at a press conference, “The rule-making process is already underway and is likely to be concluded in the coming week. All stakeholders are being consulted in the context of the regulations. The Ministry will soon be in a position to put the four Codes into effect, i.e. the Code on Employment, Labour Affairs, Workplace Safety, Health, and Working Standards, and the Social Sec.

Since labor is a concurrent topic, such laws will also be laid down by the States under the four codes. The states are also in the process of notifying draft rules and holding tripartite consultations to firm up those for implementation.

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