LG displays bed with covert transparent OLED TV at CES 2021

At recently held CES 2021, LG Display has just showcased its idea of the future. LG has given an insight about its upcoming technology which one can see in various setups. Talking about one of its most fascinating implications, it comes with a new 55-inch transparent OLED display contained in a bed frame. As per TheVerge, the CES 2021 offered LG a stage to launch the numerous applications of its new kinds of OLED displays. When it comes to these new see-through or transparent screens, they provide 40% transparency. This is much higher than past recapitulations of the technology that only provided 10% transparency.

During the vast tech event, LG fantasised the screen being house at the foot of a bed. The bed rises out from the bed’s frame. Basically, this would have the display function as a TV. The TV can show information or other forms of media entertainment like videos or movies. Apart from this, the transparent TV frame will come with built in speakers. This means you won’t need external speakers along with it. Apart from this, as per LG, this frame can be displaced and kept anywhere in the users’ home. It provides a degree of suppleness pertaining to its use and placement.

Jong-sun Park, LG Display’s senior vice president and head of commercial business, informed about the display. He stated that transparent OLED is a technology that capitalizes on the benefits of OLED. It can be used in numerous places in our daily lives, from shopping malls, stores, and architectural interiors to subway trains, autonomous vehicles, and aircraft.



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