Making world aware of the need to enrich the body


In recent times, people across the globe especially Indians have become more health-conscious than they were a couple of decades back. Taking this into consideration, health & wellness industry has grown manifold. People have become more aware of the need to enrich the body with the right nutrition in order to stay fit and healthy. Health is an enormous wealth, and people should address their health and wellness more seriously and adopt healthy and natural ways to achieve it. Today we are going to talk about a firm working dedicatedly to further this cause and make India fit and healthy. It is none other than the pink city-based firm Nutriorg. 

The firm was started by a young and dynamic Karn Singh Tomar having a small yet impactful business idea. Today, Nutriorg has a prestigious global presence and brand image in the health and wellness industry. Since its inception, it has been working with an aim to make the world aware of the need to enrich the body with the right nutrition in order to stay fit and healthy. The motive and goal are to make Nutriorg the path to wellness for the entire world. Also, it aspires to become the world’s no. 1 brand in the health and wellness industry. 

So far, the journey with Nutriorg has brought a whole lot of experiences and accomplishments. “We started with a small business idea and now have a prestigious global presence and brand image in the health and wellness industry”, asserts Mr Tomar. There are so many remarkable moments along with the constant thriving to reach our desired heights. Talking about its retail presence, Nutriorg has created a distinct position in the retail chain in India and globally. Nutriorg deals on a PAN India basis. It is presently available in more than 2000 premium A+ stores. From Jammu & Kashmir to Tamil Nadu, Gujarat to Nagaland, it has covered almost every state of India. 

Glorifying retail distribution network presence worldwide

The most prominent global modern trade stores such as Lulu’s, Food hall, organic World, Nature’s basket, Modern Bazar, Le Marche speak for their glorified market presence. It has a glorifying retail distribution network presence in worldwide stores such as the USA, the UK, Singapore, Japan, Berlin, Malaysia, Dubai, Chile, Spain, and subsequently growing in Central America. From modern trade to general trade, Nutriorg has come a very long way with covering every premium trade store globally. 

It has created and placed a commendable online e-commerce presence from affiliating with Amazon at the very initial stage of the brand to have an impactful presence on more than 35 online platforms such as Flipkart, Big Basket, Qtrove, Nykaa, 1Mg, Trell, Jio Mart, Super daily. 

In its remarkable journey, Nutriorg has received many recognitions. The most prestigious recognition was getting awarded by Rita Tavotia as an emerging ‘Nutrition company of the year.’ “This was a huge moment of pride and an outstanding achievement for us as we got awarded with brands like Hershey’s India & Britannia”, says Mr Tomar with utmost ecstasy. After this, getting published in ‘Outlook’ along with India’s most prominent industrialists was the brightest shining star. The company has won many prestigious awards, including the Iconic Brand of The Year by Blossom Media, MSME 5000 Indian Wads (excellence in quality), India Food Safety Summit & Awards 2019 (emerging nutrition company).

Mr Tomar believes in breaking stereotypes. He is fervent to bring something in the market that makes a change. He believes that Ayurvedic science is the core strength of India and should be promoted and known worldwide. This has always been his motive, to make a change which he took forward with Nutriorg. “Making people aware and spreading knowledge about Ayurveda and organic is a revolution I want to bring globally’, he says. 

Difficult paths lead to beautiful destinations

From the very beginning of the brand, he was focused on making the consumer aware of how important it is to provide the body with the proper nutrients.  The efforts were always towards spreading the health and wellness knowledge and need to adopt organic, pure, unadulterated, and undiluted food products. He has always ensured never to compromise a bit with the quality of the products. This is the factor that Nutriorg has a substantial retainable customers ratio. 

Like almost all the successful companies, Nutriorg too has had its share of challenges initially. The biggest challenge was to market the brand. It is hard for a self-funded company and has no other financial assistance to marketize the brand in this competitive market. The challenge was to implement a sensible marketing budget which in return will make a good return. This process was to engage more buyers with a controlled marketing budgeting plan. But as it is said, difficult paths lead to beautiful destinations; working tirelessly and putting all their hard work into this made them overpass these hurdles and achieve significant milestones. They successfully made the demand for Nutriorg products increase gradually with all the honest efforts. 

Mr. Tomar researched for 4-5 years on Ayurveda and the organic industry before entering into the industry. One thing he kept in mind was to always be loyal and honest with the work and motive. Talking about health and wellness contains a lot of risks as it is the most crucial topic and industry. He started gaining more and more knowledge about Ayurveda and organic to actually deliver his motive to spread awareness about adopting a balanced nutritious diet to more and more people. “Thankful for my ability to take this risk and overcome so many hurdles in between, and impactfully taking Nutriorg where it is today”. 

An ardent nature lover

The biggest factors that helped him reach where he is today are his positive attitude and passion for his work. These two factors have helped him to achieve and overcome any hurdles. Mr Tomar is so much engrossed in his work that he doesn’t consider it work anymore rather he takes it to be a natural urge. That’s why he doesn’t really spend his time on things other than Nutriorg. 

He is a nature lover. “I would like to isolate myself in nature, as in staying in some peaceful forest for some days, to spend more of my time with nature. He loves to do nature adventures and sports. Being with nature work as the best therapy for me.”, he says while expressing his lover for nature. He enjoys playing sports that include physical engagement, be it any sport then

Mr. Tomar takes inspiration from a number of well-known faces from various domains. He has many role models, which he believes works as his motivational tools too. “Talking about them, I would like to mention Sachin Tendulkar, Bill Gates, Amitabh Bacchan, Dhirubhai Ambani”. He receives an immensely positive impact from their journey of success. They started their journey without any support, fame, or relevance with their respective industries. But with their utmost dedication, positive attitude, and passion towards their work all made them what they are today. Being truthful and dedicated towards your passion is the key to achieving great heights; he learned from them, and tries to keep it with himself throughout his journey. 

True leaders create more leaders in the organization

As a leader of the organisation, he believes in creating more leaders in his organization. He prefers to enhance the leadership qualities of his team members. It will give them a broader perspective, enabling them to grow and lead up with better strategies.  

On the creative front, his personal perspective is never to bind the creative minds of his team. He believes in providing a healthy working environment to them, in which they have all their creative freedom. Creative minds require a space within to make the best out of it. Until and unless their creativity doesn’t hurt someone’s emotion, it is best to let it flow with their outlooks. He feels this will enhance their work performance and also makes them love what they do. 

Talking about the transformations brought in market by the pandemic, Mr Tomar believes that the possibilities in the market are much broader now. Work from home was never a thing, and covid-19 made it a culture. People are now keener towards health, fitness, immunity, organic food products, yoga, and the overall wellness industry. They have become more aware and concerned for their health and safety, which is one positive change this pandemic has made. In fact, it has started the brightest time for the wellness industry.

Throughout his journey, Mr Tomar has been an inspirational personality among his teammates. To lead as an impactful leader, one must stay humble, keep a positive attitude, and most importantly should work as a team leader rather than an owner in possession.  The team will stay with you as long as you keep pushing your greatest efforts to cope up with them.  The best leader is the one who takes the team together and lets everyone in the team grow individually as well as the collective objective. This is exactly what Mr Tomar has been doing since founding Nutriorg. 

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