Meet Zhong Shanshan -the new richest Asian

According to Bloomberg report, Zhong Shanshan, a Chinese billionaire, has become Asia’s richest person. The private billionaire has surpassed Chinese tech giant Jack Ma. Not only this, he also outdid India’s richest businessman Mukesh Ambani. As per the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, Zhong’s net worth has grown $70.9 billion this year to $77.8 billion. This made Shanshan the 11th-richest person on earth. The businessman made his fortune from vaccines and bottled water. In September, he became China’s richest person usurping Jack Ma. In China’s huge bottled water market, Zhong’s Nongfu Spring claims to be number one. The Company is omnipresent throughout the country. Chinese people have a tendency to shun tap water on account of health reasons.

In its initial public offering, the company had raised almost $1.1 billion. Apart from Nongfu Spring, Zhong is also the chairman of Beijing Wantai Biological Pharmacy Co. Ltd. It is a vaccine producer that listed on the mainland in April. In collaboration with an eminent university, it is developing a Covid-19 vaccine nasal spray. According to state media, Zhong, a 66-year-old former reporter from Zhejiang, was also once a construction labour. Chinese media often refer to him as a lone wolf due to his occasional public appearances. He likes to stay away from media limelight and avoids interviews.

In recent times, China has had fierce battle with Indian government protectionist policies, more so after the Galwan Valley incident. This is very much witnessed in the Indian government’s appeal to its citizen regarding ‘vocal for local’ and self-reliant India.

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