Men 30 per cent more vulnerable to death by Covid-19

Going by a latest study, men are more vulnerable to dying from the coronavirus as compared to women of the same age and health condition. The study says that men have a 30% higher risk of dying. Apart from this, if patients are obese or have complications from diabetes or hypertension, they are equally prone to dying. The study was published in the journal Clinical Infectious Diseases. According to PTI, the scientists from the University of Maryland School of Medicine (UMSOM) in the United States evaluated almost 67,000 hospitalised coronavirus patients in 613 hospitals across the country in the research.

According to the scientists, as compared to those who did not have hypertension or were obese, the patients who were obese, had hypertension or poorly managed diabetes had a higher risk of dying. According to the study, the Covid-19 patients aged 20 to 39 with these situations had the highest difference in their vulnerability of dying compared to their healthier peers. The researchers are of the opinion that healthcare providers could consider these risks in order to determine which Covid-19 patients could gain the most from antibody therapies. This can reduce hospitalisation risk if given in the first few days of the infection.  

Age, the strongest predictor of mortality from Covid

As per the study, age has been the strongest interpreter of mortality from COVID-19. Almost 19% of hospitalised Covid-19 patients succumbed to death from the disease. The lowest mortality has been among paediatric patients, which was less than 2%. With each decade of life, mortality rates rose with the highest mortality, 34%, among those aged 80 and older.

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