Mercedes-Benz answers to Tesla Model Y

Of late, Mercedes-Benz has announced its new all-electric External Quality Assessment (EQA) across the globe. This upcoming model is about to drive against Tesla’s Model Y and this will help the firm to attract the younger and urban customers. The upcoming model is the fully electric version of the GLA, the production of which takes place in the factories of Beijing in China and Rastatt in Germany. Talking about EQA, the front look carries the front grille next to the LED headlights with details in blue colour tint. Besides, the highlight is the continuous flashlight and on the other side appears specially designed alloy wheels.

Also, the model gets a 375 Nm of torque with 190-horsepower electric motor placed at the front and a 66kWh battery further back. The battery can be DC-charged with 100kW or charged with 11 kW through a charging box with alternating current. Together with front-wheel drive it can handle 0-100 kmph in 8.9 seconds. As per worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure (WLTP), the average consumption is stated at 1.8Wh/mile while the top speed is 160 kmph. In the near future, there will be a four-wheel drive version with approx. 270 hp and a range of 50 miles.

Talking about EQA navigation system, it can point out suitable platforms during a route based on expected consumption like Mercedes first EQC electric car. In terms of weight, the font wheel version can tow trailers of up to 750 kg while future version will have a higher tailer weight. The weight of car is 2,040 kg and able to load 430 kg with 340 litres of luggage space. The space can grow to 1,320 litres when rear seat is folded down. The height is 162 cm, the width is 183 cm and the length is 446 cm. Also, it is three centimetres longer than the Volvo XC40.

The standard equipment comprises LED headlights, 18-inch wheels and the MBUX infotainment system. Adjustable suspension is available as an option together with some self-driving functions and adaptive cruise control. Talking about sales, the global sales start from February 4 and deliveries will start later in the spring.


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