Microsoft and Maruti collaborate to test fully-automated driving test technology

On Tuesday, Maruti Suzuki joined hands with Microsoft Research India. As a part of the collaboration, they have developed a smartphone-based technology for testing applicants seeking driver’s licenses. In association with the Uttarakhand government’s transport department, Dehradun’s Automated Driving Test Centre (ADTC) has deployed the technology named Harnessing Automobile for Safety (HAMS). It only takes 10 minutes to complete a test and generate a report by means of deploying HAMS at ADTC. The new technology has decreased the average pass test to 54% from 90% in the previous manual mode. Under the test, they fasten the applicant’s car with a HAMS-enabled smartphone that keeps a watch on the driver as well as the road ahead.

 For robust and efficient operations, it makes use of artificial intelligence (AI). Maruti Suzuki has customized HAMS for driving tests to include capabilities such as precise tracking of the vehicle’s trajectory during designated test manoeuvres. A candidate can choose to view the video recording of the test drive if he or she disagrees with the test result. Apparently, the main idea of an automated testing process is not to fail candidates. It is to make sure that they are unquestionably proficient and skilled to drive a vehicle according to Indian motor rules and road conditions.

The utilization of latest technologies will help bring transparency. To modernize the driving license test in our country, HAMS developed in partnership with Microsoft Research India is an important tool. This technology will be introduced in more centres across several states beginning with ADTC Dehradun.

Courtesy: Financial Express

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