No chargers or earbuds with Apple iPhone 12 series

On October 13, Apple unveiled its latest series of iPhones consisting of one new entrant iPhone Mini. Tech enthusiasts across the globe were awaiting the event – Apple ‘Hi-Speed’. The Company declared something which won’t find resonance among its die-hard lovers. It announced that the upcoming iPhones won’t come with the Apple Earbuds or charging bricks. According to Apple, it has brought the changes so as to lessen its environmental effect and diminish carbon footprint. It also claims that approx. 2 billion Apple power adapters and 700 million Lightning headphones are already out in the world.

This is not the first time Apple will be unveiling a device devoid of a charging brick. In last month’s “Time Flies” launch event, the company declared that with the new Apple Watch series, they won’t offer a charging brick. As per Apple, it will also be able to reduce the packaging of the devices in terms of size, by removing these accessories. Within the same volume, this will permit more units to ship. In the same shipment size, the company will be able to ship 70% more items. Apple aspires to be totally carbon neutral by 2030. The company will be putting to use recycled rare-earth materials to achieve that.

These new transformations will help Apple save 2 million metric tons of carbon emissions yearly. At the ‘Hi-Speed’ event, Apple launched four new iPhones. The iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max. In India, the iPhone 12 series will be sold from October 30 at a starting price of ₹69,900.

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