Paytm mini-app developers conference on Oct 8

Paytm is holding a developer’s conference on October 8 to invite indigenous developers to collaborate for building India’s digital revolution. To showcase their mini-apps, startups and technology companies can join this conference. Also, they can learn best practices to grow the reach of their innovative products and services. To challenge the Google’s dominance and to support Indian developers, the digital payments firm recently launched a mini app store. The reason behind the launch is the payment app being temporarily removed from Google’s Play Store on September 18 for violating developer guidelines on real-money gaming. The mini app store delivers listing and distribution of custom-built mobile web apps based on open source technologies like Javascript & HTML offering app-like experience to users.

The conglomerate said that the mini-app store will help developers take their products to man in the street. It is offering listing and distribution of these mini-apps within its app. Over 300 app-based service providers such as Ola, Park+, Decathalon, Rapido, Netmeds, Domino’s Pizza, FreshMenu, 1MG, NoBroker have already joined the program. It comes with a developer dashboard for analytics, payments collection together with numerous marketing tools to collaborate with the users.

If this conference succeeds in meeting its objective it will be a great news for Indian tech ecosystem. Considering the US giants monopoly in the tech domain, it will be really good news for Indian tech firms in the times to come. Moreover, the Indian government has informed that it will be more than happy to assist the companies in their endeavours.

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