SBI contributes Rs 11 crore to the PM CARES fund to assist with the Covid-19 vaccine campaign

The largest bank in India, the State Bank of India, has pledged to help the administration’s COVID-19 vaccine campaign by donating Rs. 11 crores to the PM CARES Scheme. “It is in times of hardship where real solidarity is checked, and we should all take great pride in the initiatives that our country has put in to combat the contagion,” said Dinesh Khara, Chairman of SBI. “The war against the pandemic is far from done, and we feel it is our obligation as responsible Corporate People to help the government’s attempts to vaccinate everyone,” he added. He also appealed to all to step forward as well as participate in whatever manner they can in order to ensure the effectiveness of the vaccine campaign.

Last year, SBI, the bank with the most followers on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, pledged 0.25 percent of its annual earnings to aid the battle against COVID-19, as well as make massive donations in the form of gloves, hand sanitizer, as well as other products to anyone in need. Subsequently, SBI employees contributed Rs 107 crore to the PM CARES Fund in an effort to promote the country during these unimaginable instances. India launched the second phase of the COVID-19 vaccination program from March 1, 2021, which will reach 10 crore people around the country.

There is the second stage of the biggest global vaccination program, citizens over 60 years of age and those over 45 years of age with comorbidities will be given the vaccines at 10,000 government medical centers and over 20,000 private clinics. Although the shot will be distributed free of charge to government hospitals, private hospitals will charge up to Rs 250 per shot dose. Prime Minister Narendra Modi got the first dose of Covaxin from Bharat Biotech at AIIMS yesterday morning. He also encouraged anyone who is willing to get the COVID-19 vaccine to do so.

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