Signal to introduce these 6 features soon, number 5 is simply amazing

The privacy policy of WhatsApp became a breeding ground for many messaging platforms to grow exponentially. This can be corroborated from the skyrocketing download of apps like Signal and Telegram in recent weeks. Still, these apps are yet to catch up with the features of WhatsApp. Nevertheless, talking about Signal, it is constantly working to bring more and more features to compete with WhatsApp. To this end, it is all set to launch some features that Signal users have been desperately waiting for. Let’s have a look at these features:

‘About’ status

Under the profile section from Settings tab, WhatsApp allows its users to choose their ‘about’ status. It lets users add their ‘about’ status or choose from 11 options. Likewise, Signal is ready to offer users the option to create ‘bio’ of their choice or choose from these seven options – ‘Coffee lover’, ‘Taking a break’, ‘Be kind’, ‘Speak freely’, ‘Encrypted’, ‘Free to chat’ and ‘Working on something new’.

Custom wallpapers

Last year WhatsApp launched custom wallpapers. This allows users to select different wallpapers for different chats. This feature is now ready to become a part of Signal for both Android and iOS users.

Animated stickers

For WhatsApp users to communicate, animated stickers are said to be among the most-popular methods. This feature may now be coming to Signal as well.

Create own animated stickers

Similar to WhatsApp, Signal is likely to soon let users create their own animated sticker packs.

Group calls

In WhatsApp group calls, it lets eight people to chat simultaneously. Likewise, Signal is going to increase the limit for group class from 5 to 8.

Low-data mode

In WhatsApp, under the ‘Storage and Data’ section in Settings tabs, we can see a dedicated low-data mode for calls. This lets WhatsApp users to consume less data for calls. We can get to see a similar feature in Signal too that will let ‘Use less data’ under the ‘Data usage’ section for calls.



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