Signal vs Telegram

The announcement of Whatsapp’s updates terms of service on january 6, 2021, led to a massive outrage towards the company. Leading many to transition over to alternatives of the messaging application. This led to alternatives such as Telegram, Signal, Discord etc to experience a hike in popularity. The two applications that really stood out in the limelight were Telegram and Signal. In this article we would set a comparison between the two messaging applications. Before doing so we would go over a brief introduction of the two messaging apps.


Signal Private Messenger (also referred to as Signal app) is a cross platform messaging application for Operating systems such as Android, iOS, Windows, Linux Variants etc. The app was found in the year 2018, by a Non-profit organisation, with a heavy emphasis on security. Another plus point for the app was that its founder Brian Acton, was the co-founder of Whatsapp. The app aspires to provide a Strong Security Framework which is transparent to the users. No private user data is collected throughout the working of the application. The application ditches some of the standard messaging application features, but makes up for it by providing secure data communication.


Telegram Messenger (also referred to as Telegram) is a cross platform instant messaging application for Operating systems such as Android, MacOS, Windows, iOS etc. Founded in the year 2013, the app has become one of the most popular messaging apps in the Mobile Apps Marketplace. Due to its age the application contains a plethora of features ranging from Emojis, Voice calls, Music to live locations and Proximity alerts. The app also provides an abstraction called bots, which could be modified to enhance the functionality of the app. Telegram offers optional security in the form of optional end-to-end encrypted chats, which would be used to prevent Hackers from eavesdropping user data.

Differences between Signal and Telegram

SecurityImplements Highly Secure and Up to date protocols by defaultOffers the option for using Secure Protocols but does not mandate it . Compromises some security to make up for its features.
FeaturesLacks some of the common messaging application featuresOffers many convenience features
Cloud StorageOffers limited cloud storage and backup optionsOffers Unlimited cloud storage and backup options related to it
SizeOnly allows a file size less than 100 Megabyte to be sent.Allows file sizes of upto 2 Gigabyte to be sent
DownloadsHas 50 Million+ downloads in the Google Play StoreHas 500 Million+ downloads in the Google Play Store
Data CollectionOnly Collects the Phone number of the userCollects Contacts, Info Related to Contacts and User ID of the user
AdvertisementsThe app does not have any advertisementsCurrently does not have adverts, but soon advertisements will be shown in the public channels of the app (as claimed by the company itself)


* The above list has been made considering the Mobile Versions of both applications. Other Platform Versions may vary slightly in the Working/Functionality


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