SII to provide this much of vaccines by Feb

On Tuesday, Adar Poonawalla, chief executive of Serum Institute of India (SII), stated that there were plans to give 50 to 60 million vials to the government either by January or February. As of now, 11 million doses of Covishield vaccine are being rolled out. While talking with the media persons at the SII facility, he stated that the real challenge lied in taking the vaccine to the common man, to the weak groups of people and to healthcare workers. He stated that the vaccine will be made available in the private market once it gets the requisite permission and will sell the vaccine at a cost of Rs 1,000.

Apart from this, he also stated that the SII’s production capacity is bigger than the world. According to him, this was why SII was under the maximum pressure to manufacture. He further stated that his company would soon begin exporting the vaccine to other countries. He responded to a query on the safety of the vaccine. As per Poonawalla, COVID-19 vaccines have cleared all the safety parameters. He appreciated his team and stated that when the manufacturing of Covishield begun in March 2020, no one projected that the SII would come out with the vaccine in less than a year.

He stated that the trucks left the SII facility early morning. Now, the vaccine is being distributed in the entire country. Poonawalla stated that at a special price of Rs 200, SII was offering the vaccine to the Government of India (GoI).

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