Sonalika launches India’s first e-tractor ‘Sonalika Tiger Electric’

The speed of electrification in automobile industry is slower in the Indian market compared to the US and Europe. Despite that, there are some serious progress taking place in that direction. To this end, Indian tractor brand Sonalika has launched India’s first electric tractor – Tiger Electric. The tractor is built on the same tried-and-tested platform as its regular tractors. Its powertrain includes a 25.5 kW, natural cooling, compact battery with IP67 protection. From a regular home socket, the battery can be charged in 10 hours. Also, it can be charged in only 4 hours using a fast charge. This eliminates the need to visit fuel pumps.

It consists of a German designed Etrac electric motor that consists of a high peak torque delivery zero RPM onwards. This makes it useful for field operations. As per the company, the running cost of the electric tractor is 25% the cost of operating an equivalent diesel tractor. Talking about the top speed of the tractor, it is rated at 24.93 kmph. Apart from this, while running a two-tonne trolley, a full battery charge can last up to 8 hours. As per the manufacturer, it aspires to come up with

The manufacturer has also stated that it wishes to provide technological advancements to enhance farm productivity & profitability. This can be accomplished by bringing in latest innovations from the international markets to India. The Tiger Electric will be mass-produced at its Hoshiarpur plant in Punjab, making it an actual make-in-India wonder. It comes with a price tag of Rs. 5.99 lakh.

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