Spotify enables ‘Work from anywhere’ for its workers

Swedish music streaming site Spotify recently confirmed that it is introducing a “Work from Anywhere” concept that will encourage workers to choose whether they want to be in the office full time, whether they want to be at home full time, or a mix of the two.

Spotify calls it the ‘Work from Anywhere’ initiative and explains it as a ‘modern way of collaborating that encourages Spotifiers to work anywhere they do their best to think and create.’

“Through this distributed-first mentality, we are giving staff the freedom to elect a Work Mode — whether they’d prefer to work mostly at home or in the office — and also their geographical area.” the organization said in a report.

Spotify will continue to pay wage prices for San Francisco or New York depending on the nature of jobs. It will also upgrade all of its buildings to meet the needs of workers for quiet rooms, joint desk spaces, and lounge areas.

The streaming platform is centered in Stockholm and has a variety of international offices, including New York, London, and Tokyo. Spotify is available in 79 countries around the world.

Several big corporations, such as Facebook and Google, have since moved to remote labor practices after the coronavirus pandemic overturned the conventional working community. Inc and Twitter Inc have now moved to remote working models that are hybrid or permanent.

The firm, which is reviewing its office spaces across the globe, has seen an increase in paying subscriptions since the pandemic, touching 155 million in the fourth quarter.

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