The success story of Dr. Vivek Bindra

When we talk about Leadership Coach in India, the first name that comes to our mind is none other than Dr. Vivek Bindra. He is the Founder & CEO of Apart from this, he is a Leadership Consultant, Motivational Speaker, and Business Coach. Today, he has altered the dimension of business. He proved that even small traders can multiply their businesses. His influential leadership program brought a new vigour to our country’s startups. Taking inspiration from his videos, even the child of the country aims to become a big businessman. 

He is Asia’s Best Leadership Consultant & CEO Coach. He has been awarded Honorary Ph.D. Degree. For more than 1500 corporates, he is their Trusted Advisor. He is an Inspirational Guide to numerous high-profile entrepreneurs and other top-notch business entities. He has offered Leadership excellence to them which took their organizations to the next level. 

He has been remarkable in providing CEO coaching to more than Top 100 CEOs in the country. He has been titled the Best Leadership Trainer in Asia Award by Marshall Goldsmith at World HRD Congress. In his initial days, with an experience of over a decade, Dr. Bindra was associated with various social entities independently. He started his dream organization Global Act with an aim to “Empower the manpower”.

His Early Life

Every successful person has to pass the litmus test of life. Same stands true for Dr. Bindra. He had to go through many rough patches of life before becoming the Vivek Bindra we know. He was born on 05 April 1982 at New Delhi, India. His father died when he was two and a half years old. Moreover, he could not live with his mother for some unknown reasons. 

He did his schooling from St. Xavier’s Senior Secondary School, New Delhi. From the very beginning, he was quite good in studies. Later on, he developed a liking for business. He passed his MBA from Amity Business College, Delhi. While studying in college, he was gifted Bhagavad Gita from one of his gurus which had a transforming impact on his life. Even today, he gives knowledge of Gita in many of his videos. 

Sold Dictionaries on the streets

Not many people know that he used to sell dictionaries during his childhood. He used to spend the amount on his school fees and studies. Apart from this, he used to give tuition classes to children at the age of sixteen. He learnt the nuances of business at quite a young age. For further studies, he wanted to go abroad. He was also admitted there, but due to lack of money, he could not go abroad. After this, he was quite disappointed and disheartened. 

His Ascetic life

When he broke down completely, he thought it appropriate to retire. He left everything and became a monk and started his monk life. During saint’s life, he used to teach the Bhagavad Gita, he used to go to many schools and colleges to teach Bhagavad Gita, which people liked very much. Seeing this skill of his, his guru told him that he cannot do much more by staying here but by living in human life he will be able to serve people more. Saying this, he gave them freedom from ascetic life. After this Dr. Vivek Bindra came to human life and started his first company.

Establishment of the Company

He started his own company Global Act (Now in 2012. He thought many people want to do business but they don’t have required knowledge about it. He decided to train those people who wanted to do business. So, he started his company as a Business Coach. He faced many difficulties in running his company. He started his company from a small room due to which employees would not work for a longer period.  

Once there was a hole in the tank of his room and there was a shortage of water. Just to make sure his employees did not have any problem, he himself went to the roof and took water from the other tank to his tank. 

Later on, his business strategy led to a J-Curve growth in his company. However, the growth could not sustain for a long time. He suffered a huge loss, many of his contracts were cancelled. His payment was cancelled. At the same time, there was a provision in his company that the employer had to pay salary on the 7th of every month. He sold his house to give salary to his employees. And that is why even today they are working with him. 

He never gave up in life and always took good care of his employees and his needs. During his financial crisis, he also got a job offer for Rs 2.5 Crore but he refused it and continued with his company. Initially, the fee for his training program was Rs 1.25 lakh, but he thought that would be too much for a common man. So, he reduced his training program fee to Rs 19000 for a small businessman and Rs 9000 for a student. Along with this, he also started his YouTube channel. 

The journey from 4 views to Million views

He launched a YouTube channel, but the problem was that he was not getting expected views. In one of his initial videos, he got merely four views. He was even mocked by his employees for such poor views. But all this didn’t deter him from making videos and gradually views started coming. Today there are more than 12 million active subscribers on their YouTube channel. 

Impact of Bhagwat Gita on his life

Bhagwat Gita had a huge impact in his life. In his seminars and live sessions, he says not to look at Gita with religious eyes, but rather as a source of motivation. He learned a very important thing from Gita which he still teaches in his training program, that is “bounce back”. He says that no matter how bad the situation is or how much loss is there, but if you have the power to bounce back, then you will be successful. He did not give up under any circumstances and kept bouncing back, due to which he is successful today. He owes his success to the teachings of Gita. 

Apart from this, Dr. Vivek Bindra’s success is due to his hard work, determination, morale, and the strength to bounce back. Today, with the help of an entrepreneurship program run by him, millions of people are realizing their startup dreams. Now, by watching his videos, many small businesses are also able to grow rapidly. 

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