Tesla building world’s largest battery plant

On Tuesday, Tesla owner Elon Musk informed that he was working to build the world’s largest battery-cell factory. It will be established at Tesla group’s electric car plant situated near Berlin. Already, Tesla has begun construction work on a colossal “gigafactory” in Gruenheide, south of the German capital. This is scheduled to open next year. In Europe, this is Tesla’s first factory and is likely to churn out 500,000 Model 3 sedans and Model Y SUVs per year. He was addressing a European Battery Conference held by the German economy ministry.

As per Musk, battery cell production at the same German site would start with a capacity of around 100 gigawatt hours a year. Later on, he would ramp it up to a capacity of 250 GWh per year. In the conference, he stated that he was quite confident it is going to be the largest battery-cell plant in the world. As of now, the production of electric vehicle batteries is dominated by Chinese, Japanese and South Korean firms. Europe accounts only a fraction of the battery-cell market. As per Bloomberg, the same day he became the world’s second-richest person toppling Bill Gates. This happened on the back of Tesla touching a market valuation of $500 billion.

In the conference, Musk informed that he was also considering a smaller Tesla hatchback custom-made to the European market. He stated that local inhabitants, few of whom took Tesla to court for felling trees to make way for the plant, won’t see noticeable amounts of toxins in the air due to battery production at the factory.

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