Tesla produces almost half a million vehicles in 2020

On Saturday, Tesla informed that it made almost half a million vehicles in the year 2020. The annual sales of the American electric carmaker rose by 36%. However, the company fell a little short of its annual target to produce 5 lakh vehicles. The company produced 499,500 units in the year 2020. This is just 500 units as compared to the original target. During the fourth quarter of 2020, the California-based EV maker delivered 180,570 SUVs and sedans. This included 18,920 units of Model S/X and 161,650 units of Model 3/Y. Before the coronavirus pandemic, Tesla CEO Elon Musk had set the target of 5 lakh deliveries in 2020.

To come this close to its target, the company had to go through several difficulties. For several weeks, the pandemic forced its only U.S. assembly plant to close. Despite this, the company stuck to its goal. Across the globe, Tesla had produced over 318,350 vehicles till September 2020. This included 139,300 record units in the third quarter. In the third quarter, the company made more than 145,036 units and delivered almost 139,300 vehicles. Tesla needed to shatter the record to achieve the target and deliver 181,650 lakh vehicles from October through December.

Prior to this, last month, Elon Musk had urged employees by means of email to increase the production for the rest of the quarter as much as possible. After this, Tesla informed employees at the Fremont plant that production lines for Model S and X will remain closed from December 24 until January 11, 2021. This indicated Model 3 and Model Y small SUV are in more demand as compared to the Model S and the Model X.

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