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Are you looking to simplify your software beta testing activity, monitor and manage all processes and your teams in real time? Do you want to test your app globally with experienced professional testers, on all types of real devices, platforms, locations, and carrier to ensure it is well-tested? Well, today we are going to talk about a firm which is a tried and tested name in the domain of software testing. We are talking about Ubertesters. Recently we had a chat with Ran Rachlin, co-founder & CEO at Ubertesters. Here are the excerpts: 

Revopreneur: What goal do you have for the company?

Ran Rachlin: Ubertesters aspires to become the #1 global player in the field of crowdsourced testing within the next 3 years period. We will achieve this by continuing to grow through creativity, invention, and innovation. We will continue to put the ‘voice of the customer’ in the center, listen to our customer’s needs, and improve our service level. We will achieve our goals and our growth plans, by following our mission and implementing our core values. 

Revopreneur:  Describe your journey and the major milestones.

Ran Rachlin: From a very young age, I trained myself to become an effective leader with a global view. My first job was sales position in a Hi-Tech Israeli company that sold products globally. My goal was to gain cross- cultural experience. Then, I moved to the USA so I can live and study (I did my MBA in the USA) in the ‘center’ of where things actually happen. I advanced in roles, holding several high-profile management positions, doing business in all 6 continents and different industries, and with several large companies. In 2013 I decided to leave the “safety” of the corporate life and co-founded Ubertesters, a startup in the field of software testing.   

Revopreneur:  How do you see revolution in terms of business?

Ran Rachlin: We are now in the midst of the fourth industrial revolution, and in my view the two most significant revolution business effects are the automation that is reshaping the human work, and artificial intelligence. These two revolutionary business terms took control of the business environment. The pandemic, that broke into our lives last year, strengthen the need for business automation and by the amount of new innovative solutions out there, this can be called revolution.   
  Revopreneur:  What have been the biggest challenges you’ve had to overcome?

Ran Rachlin: My main professional challenge was leaving the comfortable seat of a CEO in the corporate world and create a new startup from scratch. The challenge was how to ‘create something from nothing’ with no initial funding, no immediate salary to support my family, and no future guarantees. It all started with an idea based on a true “pain” I had, and few years later that dream became a reality with hundreds of clients, many employees and a profitable company. 

Revopreneur:  What are your outside interests?

Ran Rachlin: My daily workout is extremely important for me as it helps me clear my mind when not working. I get up early and spend the first 1.5 hours of the day, each day, for my workout. It can be a 10K run, or a gym workout, but it’s part of my daily calendar. I also love the Mediterranean beaches of Tel Aviv where I currently reside, especially play ball at the beach and swim.  

Revopreneur:  What’s the biggest factor that has helped you be successful?

Ran Rachlin: The first thing that I learned is to listen to my inner voice about any idea or concept that I wish to pursue. When you start asking others about their opinion – it’s their nature to be negative. So, if I stumble across a good idea, I do all the analysis and if I believe in the concept – I just go for it and try to make it happen. Further, I’m a great believer in Nike’s moto of “Just do it”. You can’t create anything if you are not actively doing it, putting the required energy into execution.
There is also an external factor that helped me be successful such as having a great mentor early in my career.  
Revopreneur:  Who has been your role model and what have you learnt from that person?

Ran Rachlin: My role model is Richard Branson, the founder of the Virgin group. Richard Branson’s amazing leadership style of taking care of employees first, and only then the customers. His vision that “If you take care of your employees, your employees will take care of your customers” has revolutionized the business world and allowed him to create an amazing organization. Further, his willingness to take major risks and the fact that he doesn’t necessarily see failure as a bad thing, but rather as the foundation for success – makes him a true inspiration in my view.     

 Revopreneur:  What do you do when you are not at work?

Ran Rachlin: I try to maintain a good work-life balance, thus, when not at work I spend quality time with my family and friends. We love to hang out together, enjoy good quality food and watch action movies. When I stay by myself, I either do my workouts or read the latest recommended business books.  

Revopreneur:  What are the most important decisions you make as a leader of your organization?

Ran Rachlin: The most critical decision I make as the leader is defining the strategy for the company and deciding how the future will look like. Decisions such as “what is my business” and “differentiation factors from the competition” are the most important decision for me. Then, based on the strategy, I must set priorities to the organization. So, the second most important decisions to make is set priorities after evaluating all possible alternatives. Lastly, I believe that the success of the organization lies with excellent recruiting, thus, talent recruiting for the right job is also a very important decision to make.     

Revopreneur:  How do you see the World post Covid-19?

Ran Rachlin: I see three main effects of the pandemic on the future of business: (1) workforce flexibility and changed work habits. The majority of the organizations will move to a hybrid work model and employees all around the world will become “global business drifters” – able to travel and work from different parts of the world. (2) Acceleration of business automation (3) Digital transformation and a shift to more cloud-based business activities. 

Revopreneur:  What advice would you give someone going into a leadership position for the first time?

Ran Rachlin: The most important piece of advice to a young leader is “Take Care of Your Team”. Trust your team and let them shine but also be prepared to accept responsibility when things don’t go as planned. Help your employees advance their careers and always respect them.
Maintain the ‘personal touch’ and communicate clearly and often to your team.
Second – I strongly believe that we must create “good” for others. This is the only way for success – creating a product/service that can truly benefit others. This is the only way to improve your community and to make a profit as a result.  

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